About Us

White Mountain Musical Arts' purpose in presenting live musical performances throughout the year is to awaken contemporary audiences to the vitality of 17 - 20th century music through historically informed performance of both familiar and unknown works. We hope through live performances and educational programs to foster an awareness and appreciation of this music creating a cultural experience both for the immediate Mt. Washington Valley community and for the greater population of New Hampshire's North Country.


From 1890 to 1984 The First Church of Christ had three organs in the sanctuary.  In 1983 an Organ Committee was established to embark on a major fund drive to replace the last and old Frazee (Frazee Organs, Everett, MA, 1920-1934) organ. The Organ Committee selected the Moeller Organ Company of Hagerstown, Maryland to construct a two-manual/pedal instrument for the church. The new instrument was installed on May 20, 1984. 
 In the mid-1990’s, Floyd W. Corson, the organist at First Church, initiated conversations with the Music Committee and Trustees about major issues with the 1984 instrument. With the support of the Trustees, Floyd was given permission to contact David Wallace (David Wallace & Co., Pipe Organ Builders of Gorham, ME) to prepare a proposal to update, enhance and modernize the 1984 instrument.
 An agreement was reached in March 2006 to accept the proposal of enlarging and modernizing the 1984 Moeller instrument. The project would be completed in three stages: 1) Swell division, 2) Great division (Pedal enhancement would be done as the Swell & Great divisions are completed) and 3) Console. 
 The enlarged and modernized instrument now has new ranks of pipes that provide more color & contrast within the total tonal palate. The organ chamber now contains a generous selection of Diapason sounds (basic organ tone), Flute, String, and Reed choirs. New wind chests were added in the organ chamber to accommodate the new pipe work. Up-to-date solid state relays and couplers were included in the modernization project.  The rebuilt console now has all the manual and toe pistons that an organist needs to access everything that is in the organ chamber.
The entire project was completed by David E. Wallace & Co, Pipe Organ Builders of Gorham, ME dedicated on October 26, 2014. The organ now functions exceedingly well for church services and as a recital instrument.

Board of Directors
    James Umberger, President
    Nancy Goldenhar, Vice President
    Tom Davidson, Treasurer
    Elaine Paul, Secretary
    Floyd Corson
    David Dyson
    Muriel Magg